Charles Manson
è conosciuto in tutto il mondo come uno spietato serial killer, in pochi sanno che in realtà non ha mai ucciso nessuno. Simbolo del Male ed icona della malvagità, Manson è ormai diventato un mito contemporaneo e le verità della sua storia si perdono nella leggenda e nell'aneddotica.
Questo Blog non vuole in ogni caso occuparsi di violenza e di fatti di sangue, ma di musica, perchè Charles Manson prima ancora di essere implicato nel drammatico caso Tate-LaBianca è stato ed è tutt'oggi un musicista. Qui troverete una descrizione di tutti gli album di Manson e della sua comune, la Family. Quando possibile ci sarà anche un link per ascoltare o scaricare i pezzi.
Tutto questo per far conoscere anche in Italia la musica di un uomo che, date le circostanze, non ha avuto la possibilità di esprimere la sua arte.

Charles Manson Monster of Rock

Valerio LEG is an italian artist that loves music. Last year he did a beautiful exposition in Pisa called Monsters of rock, and surprise! Charlie was one of the twenty one rock icons painted by Leg. It's not so common to find people that know Charles Manson is a music master. So Valerio and I have started to be friends and we decided to work together on a funny project: Monsters of rock the Book-LP.
It seems an LP but it's a book, it is a book but every page is a poster: 10 new Rock icons by Leg. Tracklist: Johnny Cash, Lemmy, Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Marley, Freddie Mercury, Lou Reed, Angus Young, Nico, Prince, Mick Jagger. As you can see no Charlie in the book, BUT it's a great project anyway...
You can purchase Monsters of rock on our crowfunding here: MONSTERS OF ROCK
And this is the promo:

The Way Of The Wolf remastered with Seges Findere

The way of the wolf by Charles Manson and Seges Findere has been released in the first months of 2016 by the german label Neue Aestethik. Side A of the lp contains some remastered songs from Charles Manson The way of the wolf by Pale Horse Incorporated, side B is dedicated to the black metal band Seges Findere playing some Manson songs taken from the session that Charlie recorded in 1967. A cd version of this album is produced by the american label Behold Barbarity with the same songs.
What should I say? The way of the wolf is a super beautiful and incredible album but the covers of Seges Findere... I must say I don't like Metal very much and to me it's very hard to conceive Manson songs sang that way.

Here Invisible Tears by Seges Findere:

And by Charles Manson:

11 11 15 Happy Birthday Charles

Yes, 11 11 15, I'm not wrong: wikipedia is.
And here's a present for all of you, Charles Manson words from Mansondirect:

"[...] It can’t start because people won’t even let the flies live.  God made nothing to die, he made life to live.  It’s the people who destroy it.  Give it to the bugs and realize bugs are not bad or good.  They are just for what God made them for, life, all living things, or whoever you want to call them."
Charles Manson

Aquarius and Manson music: Look at your game, girl?

Aquarius is an American television series starring David Duchovny and premiered on May 2015. The series is inspired by Charles Manson story and I decided to write some words about that because there is a lot of Manson music in it. In the first episode Gethin Anthony, the actor who plays Charlie Manson, sings with his own voice Look at your game, girl... not so cool, to say the truth. Well, actually I can't find clips with Gethin singing that song but I've found this on Aquarius Soundtrack 2015 Youtube Channel and I need some help. The song sounds like the original one, the guitar seems to be the same... but the voice... Is this Charlie? Listen to the original one here: Look at your game, girl and then you decide. 

The Bug is dead

Vincent Bugliosi, the Los Angeles County deputy district attorney who gained worldwide fame for his prosecutions of Charles Manson and his followers has died yesterday (06/08/2015). He was 80.

08 giugno 2015. All'età di 80 anni è morto Vincent Bugliosi, pubblica accusa del processo Manson.